Eating is Taking Medicine

August 26, 2013

Eating Is Taking Medicine

Buddhism to diet and medication are collectively referred to as ‘medicine’, and is divided into four. The believers to eat the pure vegetarian or vegan, put forward many food taboos, including to no meat, no egg, also do not eat onions, garlic and other spicy food.

Buddhism on diet, are out of the ordinary. In their view, headache and slight fever, stomach swelling and other people’s sufferings, called and, treatment of this illness is medicine. Similarly, hungry is regarded as a disease, or disease, can “cure” this “pain” diet, also known as to. Discipline, all disease is divided into two kinds: one kind is hungry “the disease”, the other is a new disease in four increased damage “”. To the cure of the two different diseases, corresponding with four kinds of Medicine: instant drug, non drug, seven drug, as shaped longevity medicine. The first three are set way of eating food, fourth kinds of drugs and drug treatment is what we call today. Discipline requires the faithful to the diet as a ‘drug’, so, when eating will not you need.