Drunken Quan

Drunken Quan Zui Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Drunken Fist (Zui Quan)

Shaolin Drunken Quan is a Shaolin Kung fu pictographic boxing boxing, it is with drunken shape drunkenness and offensive and defensive techniques fusion, basic hand type end technique, a bit, hammer, pinch, Chuang, pressure, lattice, belt, wrapping; Basic Footwork have mentioned step, step, step, step and cover, grinding step, hit step, Ocho, plum step; the body twist, spin, and requirements, back, left and right swing. The motion characteristics of frame high step quickly, often with fast Suibu moves that live on the verge of falling body, reflected power, power drunk down into form, no rules in shape, the actual number of scattered, dark look, tripping hook, winding, kicking and other leg.

To practice Shao Lin drunken requirements but not in mind, step is not drunk, drunk to confuse the enemy, but not intoxicated, drunk and nearly step, but not floating, waist live body swing, but no shaking head, in order to achieve in the desire or drunk freely converted, every strike and avoid, take advantage of the crack and enter, Shao Lin drunken also focuses on the watch, aiming at, wait, many ocular method to coordinate the drunkenness of performance, confused by the opponent, to prepare for the diversion. The modern Shaolin drunken learned ditangquan jumping, falling, Chen, roll and other movements, increased the drunken shape representation, Shaolin drunken boxing routines typically include drunk, drunk, drunk, wake up drunk and so on four levels of pictographic action.