Di Tang Quan

Di Tang Quan Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Di Tang Quan

Di Tang Quan (or Ground Tumbling Fist), one of the Shaolin traditional boxing.

Characteristics of Di Tang Quan for leg Chimo, or smart, waist soft spirit, random it, it. Against the actual combatting shaped back into the surprised, remove, “technique” preemption, defeated to win. Pay attention to a “clever”. The leg has tic, kick, shear, twist, twist, stumbling, hook, sweep, bundle, trample etc, especially the “scissors” is the most. Scissors is divided into wind shear, shear and wind shear stroke; fall (including fall) method is wrestling, Yang fell, side down, jump down, stumble, and fall (push), lock (hook) fell, fell, fell by around, hard, or soft down dozens of rolling method; a qiangbei (rob leg), roll forward (turn play), roll back (back pedal), oblique (shoulder) roll, roll. The main circulation routine: lie on the ground boxing, technique, diamond lying, work roll, the eighteen work, eighteen renju and lay, in long, short sleeve, twenty percent off boxing etc.. Equipment work knife, knife roll down (single double, also known as Tang knife), roll the etc.. Otherwise comprehensive fist, such as power, stamp foot work drunken, mantis nine turn eighteen down etc.. The famous moves such as “dog eat rice dumplings”, “backward,” gold sickle “cut”, “bat” legs “, the rabbit pedal Eagle” and Modern Wushu commonly used in “head up”, “top”, “fly by”, “continuous head turning” etc.. The value of exercise this boxing coordination on human body, sensitive, flexibility, speed and visceral function were higher, and some of the techniques and methods used for boxing.