Da Hong Quan

Da Hong Quan Fist

Shaolin Kung Fu Da Hong Quan

Da Hong Quan (or Fist) is one of the basic boxing, Shaolin Kung fu, it coherent action, as perfect, mainly reflects the style of Shaolin boxing. Where practicing Shaolin boxing, Sanda, boxing, equipment, from Dahong boxing hands, called as ‘the source of all arts Hong Quan’.

Features: vigorous, chastity; rhythm is rigorous, stretch generous; from first to last in a line, all highlight the characteristics of Shaolin boxing. The exercise ‘eyes like lightning, readily go, eyes oblique view’; punching arm curved and does not bend, straight and not straight, roll to roll in, handle very skillfully; body to roll up, when Wang Gao, recoil and. Fall at the low, falling and Exhibition body; step solid and flexible, foot and hand picked up tight, foot, hand foot drop. Some play the Hongquan posture low strength, short, with “change, with dark strength.

Characteristics of Da Hong Quan is to live horse, the Chan, Wu Yi, under the palm fist and, cliffide flower, attacking freely, invincible.

Shaolin Da Hong Quan is the Shaolin Temple temple in the town treasure, spread of boxing, Shaolin monks to master this method previously only. Because the technique, footwork, leg comprehensive, now is the best martial arts fitness routine. At the same time, is also a Shaolin Wushu compulsory boxing.