Causal Eat Out Of The Loop

April 26, 2013

Causal Eat Out Loop

The law of cause and effect, is the basic rule of Buddhism, they assert, build what for, what fruit, is the inevitable invariant theory. Choosing a vegetarian, is based on the understanding of the team cause and effect. The Sutra says: the person who eats, after the death of return fall into evil, to suffer boundless bitter. Because you have to kill the report made to kill, eat its meat, it should also its meat. Individual because, individual newspaper; everybody because, common report.

The ‘Buddhist said here the reincarnation’ eat out of the teachings, in a sense, do recognize the relationship between diet and the natural ecological chain of people, some of them still accord with the modern ecological civilization theory. For example: the Buddhist thought the plague, is common. In modern times, those greedy people eat wild animal, so often eat sick, the disease area spread to humans, this kind of event, it is often seen.