Shaolin Weapon Spear

Shaolin Spear

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon – Shaolin Spear Shaolin Spear in Stick foundation, absorbing the essence, the various Spear together, a Spear based, and club, Spear blending, rigid flexible combination, unique style of Shaolin Spear. Because of the Shaolin Spear system is reasonable, practical method of preparing exquisite, Li Ming, valued martial arts person, quickly spread […]

Five Tiger Spear

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon – Five Tiger Spear (WuHu Qiang) Five tiger spear, one traditional spear weapon of Shaolin Kung fu. Five Tiger spear is the Shaolin basic ten sets in one of the long weapons, Elam, take the plunge, dance, flower as main techniques, with avalanche, splitting, Liao, winding, such as marksmanship, combining martial […]

Liu He Spear

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon – Liu He Spear (LiuHe Qiang) Liuhe Spear, also known as the Spear practice of Shaolin,one of Shaolin Kung fu spear Shaolin Liuhe spear is a practical marksmanship collection, composed of six spear trick combination, named “Liuhe spear”. This routine is two people in order to combat based on real thorn […]

Shaolin 13 Spear

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon – Shaolin 13 Spear Shaolin 13 Spear is in Shaolin weapons spear. Because there are thirteen kinds of spear in the routine, named for the thirteen gun. Thrust, pick, split, with repeated use. The thirteen gun is also a warrior in actual combat weapon. Have a history of Yue Fei small […]

Double Spear

Shaolin Kung Fu Weapon – Double Spear (Shuang Qiang) Shaolin Double Spear, one of the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu spear, Shaolin Double spear is unique, in the weapon with one divides into two., tetragonal spear, hands Yun, hit out in all directions, flexible, both hands together, both before and after, fight, Hylocereus undatus flurry, standby […]