Shaolin Kung Fu Forms

Da Hong Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Da Hong Quan Da Hong Quan (or Fist) is one of the basic boxing, Shaolin Kung fu, it coherent action, as perfect, mainly reflects the style of Shaolin boxing. Where practicing Shaolin boxing, Sanda, boxing, equipment, from Dahong boxing hands, called as ‘the source of all arts Hong Quan’. Features: vigorous, chastity; […]

Di Tang Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Di Tang Quan Di Tang Quan (or Ground Tumbling Fist), one of the Shaolin traditional boxing. Characteristics of Di Tang Quan for leg Chimo, or smart, waist soft spirit, random it, it. Against the actual combatting shaped back into the surprised, remove, “technique” preemption, defeated to win. Pay attention to a “clever”. […]

Hou Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Hou Quan (Monkey Form) Hou Quan (Monkey Form or Fist), Shaolin Kung fu pictographic boxing in boxing. Shaolin Hou Quan is boxing to monkey shape monkey state and the offensive and defensive techniques to fuse into. Shaolin Hou Quan imitate monkey body shrink neck, shoulders, requirements, chest, back, recoil, elbow, wrist, knee. […]

Hu Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Hu Quan (Tiger Form) Shaolin Hu Quan (Tiger Form or Fist), Shaolin Kung fu in the pictographic boxing, boxing style strong, such as tiger down the mountain, roaring tiger sang wai. Methods commonly used throughout the fist road tiger claw, intended to bring gas, gas penetration of fingers. Hand, eye, body, footwork, […]

Jin Gang Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Jin Gang Quan Shaolin Jin Gang Quan, Shaolin Kung fu Martial Arts in the superior Kung Fu, the attack based on short, long, fast changing, just disease faster, hands like arrows, landing flip, jintuiziru. Into the well, back then a method, type the Dhamma circles, posture and preventing, fast. Known as as […]

Liu He Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Liu He Quan Liu He Quan, one of the Shaolin Kung Fu boxing, originated in the late Yuan and early Ming Shaolin Temple Shaohuo monk monk Hunaro composes the Shaolin Liuhe Quan. Shaolin Liuhe Quan has been a Shaolin Temple close not rumored earthquake Temple treasure, after generation martial monks and constantly […]

Luohan Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Luo Han Quan (Arhat Fist) Luo Han Quan (Arhat Fist), one of the Shaolin Kung fu martial arts. Because the Shaolin disciple dedicated to Shakya Muni, and as the fist eighteen Arhats posture, so called arhat boxing. The main means of septate, forced, Chong, flash, point, lift, pressure, hook, copy, throwing. Kicking […]

Mei Hua Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Mei Hua Quan (Plum Blossom Fist) Shaolin Plum Blossom Boxing (Mei Hua Quan) is one of the excellent traditional routine in Shaolin Kung fu, also known as the plum blossom piles. The drills as a convenient, is more widespread in the ground drill, called ground Mikie plum blossom piles. Pile the graph […]

Pao Quan

Shaolin Kung Fu Pao Quan Shaolin Pao Quan is the traditional Shaolin boxing routines, which is characterized by fast hands, foot, body, covered as long strokes, systemic beatings, type A, recruit, four two top thousand catties, sent to the gun, like thunder, hence the name ‘Pao Quan’.

Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Fist) Tai Ji Quan is a combination of thinking and martial arts, art, guide the operation of traditional Chinese medicine theory, perfect Chinese dialectical, she to the traditional Chinese Confucianism, Taoism, yin and Yang Tai Chi in the dialectical concept as the core idea, the functions of maintenance, physical fitness, […]