Buddhist Moral Norm Of Life

June 2, 2012

Buddhist Moral Norm Life

Buddhist moral norm of life: Six degrees four perturbation. Buddhist meditation, with emphasis on personal cultivation ‘Savaka road’, to pay attention to deliver all living creatures from torment as ‘bodhisattva’. China attaches great importance to ‘Mahayana Bodhisattva’ behavior, while the six degrees four perturbation code of conduct, it is ‘six kind of quality must have Bodhisattva’ self and others.

Six degree – giving, precepts, patience, diligence, meditation, wisdom. Degree of economic transformation, righteousness, the save corresponding content degree, the degree of corruption by Buddhist alms giving, precepts is destroyed, patience is careful hate, finish schedule slack, meditation is scattered, the wisdom of delusion.

Four perturbation is the principles of Buddhism, including the four contents, namely, giving love language, profit, colleagues. Giving the same and the prophets six degrees, including two levels of meaning: one is the substantial help, such as money giving; another is the higher level of invisible help, such as counseling others grow, giving people the compassionate and tolerance, to obtain contentment and joy. Love is the way one gets along with people, we should always stand in the position of others, use warm like spring breeze and the language of love, care and influence each other. Profit is the reward of others to achieve the ideal, give people convenient for him to reach the goal successfully, or a compliment to inspire the confidence and morale. The general said this kind of virtue as the gentleman bring a romance to a happy ending, profit has become in the dharma. Colleagues are doing things with people living together, share sb.’s joys and sorrows. The difficulty by colleagues, is in the process and together with the colleagues, to use the wisdom of your virtue to influence others, tend to worry free paradise together, but not by all kinds of material society, holding his nose, captured in the past.