Buddhist Health Tips: Meditation

June 17, 2013

Buddhist Health Tips Meditation

Meditation is one of the six Mahayana perfections, practicing method is important in buddhism. Only from Gautama. Siddartha founded Buddhism, meditation and Buddhism can not be separated. Gautama Siddartha became the “Buddha” enlightenment, spread method. He pass over, often sitting in meditation, sometimes for up to two months, and he can freely access any kind of meditation meditation realm, high, historic and rare. These works are recorded in the dharma. Moreover, he is to teach meditation as important content, in the story, often in meditation, and exhibit a variety of magical power, change, as the teaching method. Since then, the Buddhist meditation in the ancient legend, spread wide, become the important content of buddhism. And formed to practice meditation as a fundamental zen. Zen Buddhism branch.

Meditation, is a Sanskrit, Chinese and Sanskrit word, namely Dhyana, Samadhi, dhyana and samadhi of collectively. Zen Zen is the acronym, or audio Funan, Fu Yan Nan, Chi A, Nan, old say thinking of repair, now known as the fine filter. Fixed, is a transliteration of the Sanskrit Samadhi, and can be translated into samadhi, positive definite, determined, straight line, is the heart; according to the meaning and can be translated into samadhi, samadhi, three Murti, three moking etc.. Zen and the significance level is different, the meaning is more widespread zen. All interest rate setting to cultivation of the heart are collectively known as the Zen thinking, refers to considering, so it is regarded as a constant.

Meditation occupies an extremely important position in Buddhism, regardless of what is on stream, meditation with high attention. The Buddhist religious practices, Hinayana Buddhism to ring, fixed, Hui College of the summary, the “learning” (mind, willing to learn) refers to meditation, is the pillar in the college. Hui studies also included in the study of meditation. The purpose of learning is the interest rate the static margin, the purpose is to make the self clear, grow in wisdom. The purpose of learning is to prevent the evil ring repaired, however, its fundamental purpose is to call people on the basis of the precepts, self purification of its meaning, ability training in dyeing and not dyed, then into the meditation thoroughfare. Hui studies purpose is to reassure, identify the truth, the mother is the wheel off the cycle of chain, to break away from the life and death in the sea shore, to reach nirvana. In short, the Buddha says that to give up for the fixed base, the fixed and generates wisdom, with wisdom and trouble. Morality is considered to be the basic conditions and revised, wisdom is revised, revised way and method. Therefore, three ring Hui, is actually to study as the center, the third in meditation “center” position.