Buddhist Health Essentials: Self-Cultivation

September 11, 2013

Buddhist Health Self Cultivation

Because Buddhism is the pursuit of freedom, transcending the cycle of life and death of Nirvana, is the philosophy of doing things, so the paper is only a means of reference of Dharma, its Dhyana Zhiguan, regulating body, pranayama self-aligning visualization methods such as the objective, is a heart, while studying Buddhism, to seek enlightenment, static generates wisdom, seeing the primary, freedom and Confucianism, Buddhism in addition to test whether the operation is correct or check the level of self-discipline, not deliberately for health but Buddhism health vent disease and prolong life is also very significant effect. If Kung Fu deep, also can develop many body potential, such as the mirror of God “, the inner ear, days, his heart, fate, Loujin six. But in the Buddhist view, it is a by-product of meditation, the ultimate goal is the highest state of afflictions, super life, transmigration of soul. If persistent efficacy of health but because they became an obstacle, no evidence of Bodhi not broken. How to deal with the relationship between nature and life or mind and nature in practice, is the essential characteristic of the health to distinguish between, but also their health purpose, the pursuit of different concentration performance. The Buddhist regimen is required to find one’s true self, namely the request in the ideological and spiritual efforts. The process of self-discipline is to comprehend Dharma, get rid of delusion manifests own Buddha nature, the pursuit of high level is greatly discerning and apprehending, pure, a Buddhist term. By definition, Hui, see, are void. Five skandhas are empty., and enlightenment.

The produce is realized mainly through the removal of trouble, for the good of others, be still, to correct bad behavior way, which is the core and essentials of health.

To Remove The Worries Mentality:

Mentality is a mild, lasting and dispersion state of emotion. Worrying mentality have great influence on human health. Chinese medicine has long been the “Hi sad”, “Sorrow Sad lung”, “angry injury liver”, “spleen injury”, “panic injured kidney” theory. Modern medical research has proved, anger, anxiety, sorrow and other bad attitude can lead to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, malignant tumors, bronchial asthma and many other psychosomatic diseases, in order to maintain physical and mental health must often adjust mood to keep good state of mental health.

Buddhism and Buddhist theory and practice to repair all help to eliminate worry mood improvement of bad mentality, Dharma abundant Famennian, is devoted to the treatment of trouble. For example, suffering from six primary afflictions troubles, can be used to cure Ring Ding Hui; stingy person, teach him to give; the irascible, teach him to learn compassion; some people suffered setbacks and disheartened, with karma to cure his outlook on everything, no self nature and up rouse, such as six degrees, eight right, and God, Buddha, Buddha, not only against worries, is free to.

For The Good Of Others

Buddhism advocates the “good”, this view and moral ideas are unified. Buddhism believes that: health is the largest of the heart, the heart to keep good, live or the body, or the. Heart to heart evil, once being here, the heart will be dirty, dangerous. The heart is evil, evil evil body, only a little dust, will be the wind blowing everywhere. And to evil ways is the deterioration is good everywhere is good, where what evil at all? The Buddhist “Nirvana Sutra” set: “the report of good and evil, as the shadow follows the form, the karma, without losing the life cycle, empty, regret Mo chase!” Therefore, the “good” as the fundamental of self-cultivation.


‘Static’ make people Jieyi pure, meaning the “static” able to purify the human mind, improve people’s moral, “moral” said: “empty pole, keeping stillness. For everything and, I take the concept of rehabilitation. The husband material things, each returning to its roots. It is static, static, it is.” So the main method of static is Buddhism self-cultivation.

To Correct Bad Hehavior

Cultivate one’s original nature, first of all to culture a good moral character, as long as the good moral character, can be taken out of a good heart.

Buddhism believes that, physical and mental health of a person, should have a noble moral character of the people, but the disease is often associated with poor moral behavior is closely related to. Cardiovascular disease in modern society, the incidence of psychosomatic diseases, such as cancer rate is very high, from the religious ethics point of view, all sorts of factors causing heart disease, is contrary to the ethics of human basic (here, we should understand a principle, where the benefits and any human senior religious, not contrary to human the moral basis), in violation of the precepts ten good deeds, six degrees four degrees for the content of the human spirit of buddhism.

Buddhism in the fundamental purpose of human civilization is to evil good, clean life, improve the society. While advocating the precepts ten good, six degrees four degrees for the content of the Buddhism, the Buddhist and the life of people practice together, this advantage and improve people’s moral quality, but also conducive to improving people’s health and longevity level.