Buddhism is Not Fasting Milk

November 6, 2012

Buddhism Is Not Fasting Milk

Vegetarian corn, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables daily diet, eggs, milk and milk products can choose to eat or not eat. Don’t eat anything containing dairy or eggs vegetarians, called a strict vegetarian or vegan.

In Buddhist vegetarian, generally do not fasting milk. The Buddha in practice, having eaten the shepherdess as he brewed chyle. St a mage in “the Eight Precepts.” said: “on dairy products, does not belong to the carnivorous, also do not belong to flavor food. Because the cattle and sheep grazing and the grain, the milk also contains no smell. Drink milk not to kill, not impede the calf, lamb breeding, but also by the people to control feeding, milk production, will not affect the growth in the development of new life. So, in the time of the Buddha, the universal drinking milk, and dairy products milk, cheese, divided into raw, cooked crisp crisp, Daigo five class, is the daily food, is also essential nutrients, not on the forbidden list.”