Boxing (Quan Ji)

Boxing is a sport, with boxing gloves on combat. It has both the amateur (also known as the Olympic boxing), also have the occupation commercial competition. The goal of the game is to get more points than the other to beat each other or each other down and ended the game. At the same time the players try to avoid each other blow. Boxing is called “the brave campaign”. There are many vivid record of the boxing as early as in ancient Greek and Rome times.

Boxing is the fist two athletes both sides of confrontation, physical, technical and psychological contest. Competitive boxing specific manifestations, is two people around the venue on a rope, wearing special soft gloves, according to certain rules and technical requirements, offensive and defensive combat. Offensive and defensive weapons only to wear special gloves two fists, attack targets only waist hip more than the other parts of the body.

Boxing has great impact on human and society, enhance the body strength; improve the sensitivity and response capabilities; to promote the development of physical and mental health; an effective means of self-defense self-defense; widespread social influence.

Occupation Boxing

A boxing, boxing athletes to accept a occupation boxing club fee, or the broker agent business, commercial boxing. Is a form of boxing commercialization. Occupation boxing athletes must be at least eighteen years old. Gloves weight, 60 kg to 171 grams, 143 grams of 60 kg. Three minutes per round, the middle one minute break. Novice every six rounds, eight to ten rounds of two level fighter game, a boxer match ten to twelve rounds. Occupation boxing and amateur boxing or Olympic boxing is different, occupation boxing is not to bring the armor, and more ornamental. And occupation boxer can not participate in the Olympic games.

Amateur Boxing

A boxing match. In this game players must be at least eighteen years old, the parents consent, and holds that good coaches training visa and the doctor’s certificate of health. Every three rounds, each round of three minutes [can] is two minutes, one minute rest between rounds two boxer. Each glove weighs 228 grams. When the game players must wear a helmet shield, and wearing game clothing. Amateur boxing highest honor is the Olympic champion.