America Shaolin Disciples Pilgrimage to Mount Song Shaolin Temple

July 13, 2013

In July 3rd, 250 from the United States of America Shaolin kempo Shaolin “foreign disciples”, came to the “Kung Fu” source of Henan Songshan Shaolin Temple, the worship of Chinese Zen Buddhism

On the morning of 3, temple Shaolin Temple in front of the entrance, dressed in uniforms of the “foreign disciples” are composed of a huge square, the hands embrace a boxing, visual ahead.

Among them, a gray haired old man, had a romantic innocent children, but everyone look flat and, soothing, no matter how noisy square outside visitors, no one speak loudly.

A leader told reporters, these American disciples arrived in Shaolin Temple for 3 days, 2 on the evening of Kung Fu Dan test, ended until two in the morning.

Shaolin kempo, Shaolin Temple is one of the co founders of the thirty-fourth generation disciple Charles Mitra (name Yandeng) under the guidance of the monks, slowly forward, the abbot of the canopy to kneel before the United States of America salute, 250 disciple also according to Chinese Buddhist ritual kowtow.

Subsequently, the pilgrimage to “foreign disciples” who performed the snake boxing, arhat boxing, three section whip, martial art, traditional Shaolin martial arts.

The Hispanic guy Jose Rodriguez after the arhat boxing, and show up the hook method, and demonstrated the combat skill. A set of moves down was already sweating, spoke still panting.

The 27 year old effort to learn from California, kempo, 8 years of martial arts that he had climbed to the black belt, and become a martial arts instructor alliance.

‘To learn Shaolin Kungfu is very difficult, needs unremittingly efforts.” He said: “let me learn the martial arts discipline, learn hard, more important achievement is spiritual, compared with 8 years ago, my heart more calm, more control of their.’

More than 9 years experience in teaching Steven thought, punching and kicking is just a part of Shaolin Kungfu, is more of a psychological and spiritual practice.

Mitra says to the reporter, the alliance is very popular in the United States, because in learning self-defense martial arts at the same time, but also to learn meditation, our students learn how to build confidence, reduce stress, maintain a better state of mind.

In recent years, Shaolin Temple and the world cultural exchange activities, the growing influence of overseas. Shaolin monks covered nearly 100 countries and regions in the world, more than 300 city dissemination of Shaolin culture, built a more than 40 overseas cultural institutions in Europe and North America, the establishment of Shaolin, Shaolin Culture Festival held in the Federation, world of Shaolin Kungfu practitioner and heat loving Shaolin culture of tens of millions of people.

‘We hope that through the Kung Fu disciple, passing Shaolin Temple and harmony and the concept of a healthy lifestyle, so that we can feel the essence of Oriental culture.’