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Tourism of Shaolin Temple

  Shaolin Temple belongs to the historical and cultural attractions, different seasons can feel a different kind of Shaolin style: the average temperature is about 16 degrees in spring, the spring snow melt deglaciation, rebirth, gurgling brook, mountain flowers are blooming, the flowers spring outing, relax a good place to mood; summer the average temperature is about 24 degrees, it is a good travel season. Fall average temperature in about 18 degrees, the scenic San Juan Village dye layer Lin Qiu, mountain leaves as fire. The average winter temperature is 0 degrees - about 7 degrees, snow covered mountains, the mountains vast gray, forceful KING, do not go to the northeast you can enjoy the magnificent vast northern landscape. So throughout the year as the best tourist season Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Temple to travel whenever you can enjoy beautiful views to the Shaolin Temple.

  Shaolin Temple building large scale, mainly including the  Shaolin Temple Resident Temple(少林寺常住院)Tallinn(塔林) 、Damour Hole(达摩洞、 Chu Zu Um(初祖庵)Er Zu Um(二祖庵) 、Shaoshi Towers(少室阙) 、 Yongtai Temple(永泰寺) etc.

Shaolin Temple Resident Temple(常住院)

Shaolin Temple

  Shaolin Temple Resident Temple(常住院) is the core of building of the Shaolin Temple, the monk Buddhist practice activities, built in Northern Wei Wo nineteen years (AD 495 years). Henan Province in 1963 was declared as the first batch of key cultural relics protection units. Shaolin Temple often is hospitalized a total area of more than 30000 square meters, Shanmen, king hall, main hall and other 7 into building axis on both sides of the axis, a clock tower, Drum Tower, the sixth patriarch hall, Manjusri hall and other ancillary building.....More


Shaolin Tallinn

 Tallinn is located in the west of the Shaolin Temple about 300 meters at the foot of the hill, here is the ancient Shaolin monk rest cemetery. In many types, sizes vary, different height, irregular, in various forms, are scattered, seemingly Maolin, called Tallinn...More

Damour Hole(达摩洞)

Shaolin Damour

  In the Shaolin Temple behind five Rufeng peaks in the upper part of a natural cave, as when Damour was nine years facing the wall, known as the Damour hole(达摩洞). Zen Chuzu Damour in AD 527 to 536 years on the hole wall sit for 9 years. Damour for the southwest entrance hole, bluestone blocks arches, hole about seven meters deep, wide, three meters high. The table has a statue of three statues...More

Chuzu Um(初祖庵)

Shaolin Temple

  Chuzu um(初祖庵), heaven and earth history of buildings construction of Henan Province, is now the oldest a wood structure building, located in the northwest of Shaolin Temple, about one kilometer, five Rufeng hill, is the human ancestor Damour memorial wall built a nunnery college, also known as the "wall of um". Three facing the Jian, Gu Mu trees... More

Erzu Um(二祖庵)

Shaolin Temple

  Er Zu Um(二祖庵), located in Shaoshi mountain peak is the highest alms bowl, Shaolin area building. Because of an its North Chuzu um relatively, so the local people called "South temple". According to legend, Zen second two Zhengzhou Li Xue Brokeback to the alms bowl peak injured after practice, monks to commemorate the second two Zhengzhou built this temple. Um create can be dated and Chuzu um at the same time, as the late Northern Song dynasty. Here, the environment quiet, pleasant scenery, there are wells eye four angle front courtyard, "the water is cold, to close, water taste each person", "bitter, spicy, sour, sweet four hole", legend has it that Damour used Xizhang open, because the name "Zhuo Xijing", also known as "Zhuo Xiquan"....More

Shaoshi Towers(少室阙)

Shaoshi Towers

  Shaoshi Towers(少室阙), located in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, south of Songshan Xing Jia Pu Cun Xi, six kilometers from the city of Shaoshi mountain, was built about Han yuan 5 years to Yin light two years (118 ~ 123 years), is the Han Dynasty Shaoshi mountain Shinto Towers... More

Yongtai Temple(永泰寺)

Shaolin Yongtai Temple

  Yongtai temple(永泰寺), located in the northwest of Henan province Dengfeng city about 11 kilometers of Taishi mountain in Shanxi, sit East West, facing the Shaolin Temple, back on the momentum of the Wangdu peak north near the beautiful scene of Zi Jinfeng, South Shaolin reservoir known cliff Wanhe Shaolin mountain and the rippling.

  Yongtai temple is the Buddhist into the Central Plains after the construction of the first female monk temple, or China's existing built during the earliest nuns temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, single level thirteen dense canopy corbel Zhuanta, the plane was a square, the tower is 5.05 meters long, 37.6 meters high tower...More

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