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Shaolin kungfu Weapon - Sword

Sword is one of the Shaolin weapons, is the main feature Slash, stitch, repeated use of the fast response, attack and defense, changes in the air of mystery,Shaolin Sword mainly include: Damour SwordDrunken SwordProvision Sword.

All of the following styles of Shaolin Kung Fu are part of our Teaching Contacts, you can learn that you are interested, or join our Classes.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Damour Sword (Da Mo Jian)

Damour sword, is the essence of Shaolin Kungfu in swordsmanship, created by Damour founder. Sword like meditation, static in vivid, dynamic and static, seize the moment, meditation mystery. Common action: a thrusting sword dance, sword, sword.Shaolin Damour sword beyond the speed of thought,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Drunken Sword (Zui Jian)

Shaolin drunken sword is a sword of ancient monk to drunken gesture with sword skill and innovation, its characteristics and Drunken Master, drunk stick shape is similar, not drunk, so salty Wuyi, its techniques like other sword. More "drunken sword more profit, the more fierce,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Provision Sword (Gui Ding Jian)

Shaolin Provision sword is one of the modern fencing provisions, the technique is based on the original adaptation, the number of sword, standard and completion time are clearly defined, so called "Shaolin stipulate sword " provisions reflect the style characteristics of Shaolin Kung Fu,

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