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The Surrounds of Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy

 shaolin kungfu academy

Shaolin Temple  Kungfu Academy China is located next to Songshan. With Shaolin Temple to the east and Zhong Yue Temple to the west. There is a special significance in this formation. According to the Ba Gua positioning system, east is the beginning and west is the end or the completion. When beginning to study it was important to find good teachers in ancient times, just as it is today. Following their advice, students could adapt to tranquil and peaceful temple life. During their practice, they would find a balance between body and spirit, and finally enjoy happy excursions among Songshan Shaolin Temple.. Shaolin Kungfu Academy is located in the heart of this sacred land. We have the responsibility to spread Shaolin kungfu and are very happy to see people from all over the world gathering here to learn Shaolin kungfu together.

Mount Song

Songshan Shaolin Kungfu

    Songshan, one of the five sacred mountains of china. Songshan is divided into two parts Shaoshi mountain and Taishi mountain, a total of 72 peaks. The lowest elevation of 350 meters, 1512 meters for the highest. The Junji peak is located in the mountain, 1491.7 meters high; the peak of the peak is located in Shaoshi mountain, 1512 meters high. Songshan North overlooking the Yellow River, South Linying River, water, Ji Shan, east to the five generation of Kyoto Bianliang, west of the thirteen towards the ancient capital of Luoyang, known as the "bianluo two Beijing, Guinea mountain" said. On the singular peak, temple buildings, so as the first mountain area of central plains. Songshan has more than 30 emperor, more than 150 famous scholar in person, more is the fairy together dialogue blessed spot.

Shaolin temple

Shaolin Temple

  Shaolin Temple is located in Songshan Shaoshi Mountain  under Five Rufeng, built in Northern Wei Wo nineteen years (495 years). Shaolin Temple building large scale, mainly including the  Shaolin Temple Resident Temple(少林寺常住院)Tallinn(塔林) 、Damour Hole(达摩洞、 Chu Zu Um(初祖庵)Er Zu Um(二祖庵) 、Shaoshi Towers(少室阙) 、 Yongtai Temple(永泰寺) etc.

shaolin zhongyue temple

Shaolin kungfu academy

  Zhong Yue Temple is the place of Taoism, the Taoist priests had a lecture. Located in the Taishi Mountain under Huang Gai peak, was built in the Qin Dynasty, formerly known as "Taishi ci". When the emperor built "Taishi Ci", when the Northern Wei Dynasty renamed Zhong Yue Temple. In the Tang and Song Dynasties times of expansion, the grand scale; Ming Chongzhen seventeen years was destroyed in the big fire, the Qing Dynasty rebuilt many times. Today Zhong Yue Temple basically retained the grand scale at the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with the official building scale pattern and style characteristics.

Shaolin Kungfu Academy

Shaolin kungfu academy

  Songyang academy(Song Yang Shu Yuan) is one of the ancient universities of China, formerly known as the Song Yang Temple, founded in the Northern Wei Emperor Xiaowen Wo eight years (AD 484 years), for the early Buddhist activities, the Song Dynasty renamed Songyang academy.

  Songyang academy building basic maintenance of the Qing Dynasty architecture layout, 128 meters long from north to south, east-west width of 78 meters, covers an area of 9984 square meters. The central building consists of five courtyards, from south to north, followed by the door, the first temple, temple hall, orthodoxy and library, both sides of the axis is connected with the housing, a total of 106 buildings, mostly hard mountain rolling polio barrel tile roofed house, simple and generous, elegant and vulgar, and the red wall green tile central plains areas of many a richly ornamented building temple architecture, different, with strong local architectural features.

  From our academy to Songyang academy 5 minutes walk, you can learn about the ancient Chinese university life and the early Buddhist activities.If weather permits, you can also choose to training here

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