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Shaolin Kung Fu Summer Camp Class

We have a great dream in which we hopes Shaolin Kung Fu can be spread throughout the world.

Camp Features:

1. Training with the genuine shaolin masters, teachers and professors in shaolin martial arts

2. Visiting world famous historical & cultural attractions in Dengfeng City, China.

3. Upon completion of the course, a Graduation Certificate of Shaolin Wushu will be issued for you by Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy China.

Available Camp Dates:

1. 15th June - 15th July 2019

2. 1st July -- 1st August 2019

3. 1st August -1st September 2019

Training Plan & Visiting Places (you can visit the places on the off day Sunday by yourself):

Training Plan: - Shaolin Basic Skills
- 24 Step Tai Chi
- Shaolin Health Qi Gong
- Shaolin Da Hong Fist
- Qi Mei Staff ( or Qi Mei Stick )
Visiting Places - Mount Song 
- Shaolin Temple 
- Zhong Yue Temple 
- Song Yang Academy

Charging Fee

When you decide to participate, please pay 40% in advance, and pay for the other 60% ( after admission ) in Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy, All the expenses cover tuition, room and 3 meals a day.

 Duration of Stay   Fee  
 One Month  7,000 RMB / month        shaolin kungfu Photo

Every room is equipped with high-speed internet access and air-conditioner. In addition, we offer Mandarin class for free.

Note: please write an email with a picture of the receipt after transfer is sent to that we can verify the information.

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