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Shaolin Qi Gong

Shaolin Qi Gong is internal, external two. Internal Qi Gong is mainly used for meditation, self-cultivation, for the prevention of many chronic diseases, the effect is particularly significant, such as heart disease, neurasthenic, hysteria. A long time practicing can prolong life. External Qi Gong is mainly used in martial arts, the Zong Qi, Qi Yun body, essence, throughout the martial arts.Shaolin Qi Gong mainly include:Hard Qi GongYi Jin JingStanding Qi GongBreathe Qi GongHun Yuan Yi Qi Gong.

All of the following styles of Shaolin Kung Fu are part of our Teaching Content, you can learn that you are interested, or join our Classes.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Hard Qi Gong (Ying Qigong)

Hard Qigong, is through the special breathing methods and physical anti beat training, the exercise site pain tolerance and cell density strength has been further enhanced. Physical exercise increases the density, enhance the quality and pressure bearing capacity, the biological changes of cell strength through exercise.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Yi Jin Jing

Yi Jin Jing legend Tianzhu monk Damour to preach the Scriptures, alone came to the East, all the way through the Song Yang, behind the trace in the Shaolin Temple. Damour profound strength, in the Shaolin Temple wall meditation for nine years, so that the walls are left his figure. Damour understand, leaving two volumes by a secret,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Standing Qi Gong

Shaolin standing Qigong to stop, trunk, limbs to maintain a certain position, make whole body or parts of the tightness of the motion state of static is continuous, and health care, prevention and treatment of diseases of static Qigong exercises. Jam Jong functional recovery and improve strength,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Breathe Qigong (Huxi Qigong)

Shaolin  Breathe Qigong, also known as the "breathing". One of Shaolin Kungfu qigong. The original is a kind of Qigong created for the monks, long strength strong physique. The movement is simple, can be practiced and the sick; and the effect is obvious, Qubing physical effects is very fast.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Hun Yuan Yi Qi Gong

Hun yuan Yi Qi Gong is shaped air technology for a reactive power a. Yuan, original. The people that the yuan fine, Qi, soul. Hun yuan, Yuan Jing, Qi, Yuan three - one also. Pure essence, financing the blood gas, empty as god. One of the three, three, one in three. Practitioners to the prophet of this "three" hidden in the Hun yuan,

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