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Shaolin Kungfu Weapon - Knife

The knife is one of the important weapons of Shaolin Kung Fu, the knife is known as the "hundred soldiers". "The knife as tigers, Spear like dragon sword," exercise one must have powerful, eager spirit.Shaolin Knife mainly include:Po KnifeSingle KnifeDouble KnifePlum Blossom KnifeSpring Autumn Knife.

All of the following styles of Shaolin Kung Fu are part of our Teaching Content, you can learn that you are interested, or join our Classes.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Po Knife (Po Dao)

Po Knife  is a sword, is a wood handle is provided with a long and wide blade weapon. When in use, two hands hold the handle, like using machetes, use the blade and blade weight itself, to cuts down the enemy.Shaolin Po Knife is about two meters to five meters, the edge than the sword long, about half the total length,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Single Knife (Dan Dao)

Shaolin Single knife is an important part of Shaolin Kungfu, a total of 6, each have different names, is composed of the Shaolin boxing Zheng Zongdi twenty-eight generation master, "iron shod seismic sea" called Mr. Yang Xiushan (1885-1949) message. Shaolin way single pole, called "out on potential",

Shaolin Kung Fu

Double Knife (Shuang Dao)

Shaolin double knife,One of the Shaolin Kungfu  knife.The shape and the single pole double knife is basically the same. But only half of the disc cutter, double knife on the side without cutter, such double knife can fold. The other side is half a hand wheel, double knife and,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Plum Blossom Knife(Mei Hua Dao)

Shaolin plum blossom knife is one of the earlier traditional instruments of Shaolin Kungfu, a total of thirty-two action. Plum blossom knife short, tight structure, the blade is changeable, moves down-to-earth vigorously, simple and easy to practice. Method to split, with twining head, drill up, left to right,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Spring Autumn Knife(Chun Qiu Da Dao)

Shaolin spring autumn big knife is a traditional Shaolin instrument, is a long weapon, a full set of actions with reasonable structure closely, rich in content, operation simple and standardized, rigorous structure, rational layout, line is fluent, Zhao is powerful, the blade is changeable, to split,

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