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Shaolin Kungfu Basic Skill

As the old saying:Martial arts do not practice basic skills, and finally futile.Practice basic skills is the foundation of Shaolin Kung Fu,Depending on your learning content is different, practice different basic skills.

All of the following styles of Shaolin Kung Fu are part of our Teaching Content, you can learn that you are interested, or join our Classes.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Horse Stance (Ma Bu)

The horse stance is the foundation Kung Fu of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kung Fu is also important to practise Shaolin Kung Fu, want to learn to play first "Zama Bu" argument. The horse stance has two purposes, one is to train leg force, two is the train.Methods: The first step: the feet to open 15 degrees,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Zhan Zhuang (Standing)

Zhan Zhuang (Standing) is the body such as the wooden stand still, is an important part in the system of Shaolin Kung fu. Is a kind of basic training of Shaolin Kung fu.The commonly used Zhan Zhuang method is: start with feet shoulder width, two knees slightly bent, arms, hold in the chest or abdomen before, hands ten refers to the relative,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Hand Type (Jiben Shouxing)

Hand type Shaolin Kungfu with a fist, palm, hook, etc., is the foundation of training exercises of Shaolin Kungfu, say "palm is a door, boxing meteor hammer, olecranon hook like"Boxing: four fingers close together volumes grip, the thumb on the index finger and middle finger second finger.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Press Leg (Ya Tui)

TPress Leg is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kungfu. Press Leg is mainly in order to pull ligament, improve leg flexibility. Methods Press Leg are mainly positive pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure and step, vertical fork, the fork.Press Leg benefits:1 to promote the healthy and perfect shape.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Kicks Leg(Ti Tui)

Kicks Leg is the leg power and flexibility training is the most important step, it can consolidate the leg press, split, hanging leg effect, also for the actual leg training and lay a solid foundation. Often split kick problem: 1, the focus of instability, or even fall;2, support legs with lifting or supporting leg bending at the knees;

Shaolin Kung Fu


Running exercise is a kind of physical exercise Shaolin Kungfu used most often, which is the main technical requirements for running a simple because, without special venue, clothing or equipment. Whether in the field or in the street, even in the fields, woods are running exercise. They can control the running speed, distance and route.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Sandbag Leggings(Shadai Bang Tui)

Sandbag Leggings is one of the basic skills of the Shaolin Kungfu. The main objective is to increase the leg muscles, strengthen leg muscles.Sandbags tied on the ankle position of general practice, vertical jump and step, every time a certain number of action, should pay attention to relax.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Hit Sandbag(Da Sha Dai)

Sandbags can exercise the arm, back, waist, and sensitivity, the respiratory volume. Often play sandbags to help improve their body resistance and attack.Method of exercise:1, fixed game: can let a person to hold the sandbags, practice accurately. This is the primary stage, which can make the learning experience and strength,

Shaolin Kung Fu

Five Steps Boxing(Wubu Quan)

Shaolin Five Steps Boxing is the foundation of Chinese boxing, Shaolin Kungfu to lunge, stance, stance, empty step on step, five step type, with straight, pushing palm, hook, Tan Tui such practices leg.Shaolin Five Steps Boxing.1 Preparation The feet and step, hands down naturally, head masachika straight, his eyes look straight ahead

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