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The academy provides you with full room and board.

Student hotel style rooms:

All of our student rooms are hotel style, Every room is equipped with internet access (or WIFI), air-conditioner, the independent bathroom, 12 hours hot water (from 8 pm to 8 am), double beds, wardrobes and other supporting facilities, we can guarantee a good life summer and winter.

Students can according to their needs, choose a single room or double room。


Our full room and board service includes three warm meals a day (eat with our Chinese students). This goes throughout seven days a week. Breakfast consists of traditional buns, Chinese oatmeal and eggs. Lunch and dinner both consist of rice with a big range of vegetables added, as well as fish and meat. Vegetarians will be catered for.

Note: There's always the option to buy additional stuff as fruits in the academy's supermarket or the supermarket in the Dengfeng City ( By bus about 10 minutes ).

Four times a year the academy celebrates the holidays with big feasts. These holidays are Chinese new-year, mid-autumn festival, academy's anniversary and western Christmas .

Washing facilities:

The academy have a dry cleaning store (charge by the number), or you can wash clothes in your room for free.

 Single-bed room

China Shaolin Kungfu Academy

China Shaolin kungfu AcademyChina shaolin kungfu academy

China Shaolin Kungfu AcademyShaolin Kungfu Academy

Double-bed room

China Shaolin kungfu Academy

China Shaolin Kungfu AcademyShaolin Kungfu Academy

Shaolin Kungfu AcademyChina Shaolin Kungfu Academy

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