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Shaolin Kungfu Style

  Shaolin Kungfu is a huge system, is not a general sense of "door-to-door" or "boxing". Chinese martial arts complex structure, there are many schools, but according to historical records, Shaolin Kungfu is a long history, complete system, the highest technical level of martial arts genre of. According to the Shaolin Temple handed down from the past records, learning Shaolin Kungfu has Basic Skill,Shaolin Boxing,Knife,Sword,Spear,Shaolin Stick,Traditional Weapons,Qigong,Actual Combat.

  All of the following styles of Shaolin Kung Fu are part of our Teaching Contacts, you can learn that you are interested, or join our Classes.

Shaolin kungfu

Basic Skill

  As the old saying:Martial arts do not practice basic skills, and finally futile.Practice basic skills is the foundation of Shaolin Kung Fu,Depending on your learning content is different, practice different basic skills.Shaolin basic skills include:Hourse Stance,Zhan Zhuang,Hand Type,Press Leg,Kicks Leg...etc.,


Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Boxing

  Shaolin boxing vigorous, there are just soft, chastity, to combat, recruit potential that is playing a non defense, no frills. Its style is mainly reflected a "hard" word, offensive and defensive, to attack. 'do not emphasize the appearance, the utility for martial arts. Step back and forth flexible, agile, a punch line said.


Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Weapon Knife

  The knife is one of the important weapons of Shaolin Kung Fu, the knife is known as the "hundred soldiers". "The knife as tigers, Spear like dragon sword," exercise one must have powerful, eager spirit.Shaolin Knife mainly include:Po Knife, Single Knife, Double Knife, Plum Blossom Knife, Spring Autumn Knife.


Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Weapon Sword

  Sword is one of the Shaolin weapons, is the main feature Slash, stitch, repeated use of the fast response, attack and defense, changes in the air of mystery,Shaolin Sword mainly include: Damour Sword, Drunken Sword, Provision Sword.


Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Weapon Spear

  Shaolin Spear absorb the essence of each of each spear, rigid flexible and economic, enemy at the moment.Shaolin Spear mainly include: Shaolin Spear, Five Tiger Spear, Liu He Spear, Shaolin 13 Spear, Double Spear.Shaolin Spear in Stick foundation, absorbing the essence, the various Spear together,


Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Weapon Stick

  The stick is a Shaolin monk soldiers use most, one of the most conventional weapons, Stick play a large, sweeping away the body to a split. Stick to practicing the wind whistling, rhythm and vivid, his dense, fast fierce. It can not only physical health, but also can vanquish the enemy. Shaolin Spear mainly include:



Shaolin KungfuShaolin Traditional Weapons

  Shaolin Traditional Weapon mainly include: Crescent Shovel, Damour Rod, Three Section Stick, Convenient Shovel, Shepherd whip, Double Whip,etc.Shaolin crescent shovel belongs to one of the long weapons, technique is mainly a shovel, Liao, pick, inverted, frame, gear,  


Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Qigong

  Shaolin Qigong is internal, external two. Internal Qigong is mainly used for meditation, self-cultivation, for the prevention of many chronic diseases, the effect is particularly significant, such as heart disease, neurasthenic, hysteria. A long time practicing can prolong life. External Qigong is mainly used in martial arts,


Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Actual Combat

  Shaolin Kungfu Actual Combat is the main occupation combat and self-defense,Actual Combat mainly include: Free Combat (Sanda), Boxing(Quanji), Taekwondo, Free Combat (Ziyou Boji).


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