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Jin Gang Quan

Shaolin Kung fu - Jingang Quan 金刚拳

 Shaolin Jingang Quan, Shaolin Kung fu Martial Arts in the superior Kung Fu, the attack based on short, long, fast changing, just disease faster, hands like arrows, landing flip, jintuiziru. Into the well, back then a method, type the Dhamma circles, posture and preventing, fast. Known as as for Ding, falling like hill said.

  Shaolin Jingang Quan Shaolin boxing gold Hawk is one of the cutting method, practice method specific teaching clenched fist tripod work, cat power, Sha Baogong, qigong, dun work and brick and stone work and method of application of punch, punch, punch, copy it whipped fist, fist, the whip boxing.

Hu Quan Liuhe Quan

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