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Free Combat (Ziyou Boji)

Shaolin Kung fuFree Combat (Zi You Bo Ji)

  Free combat, also known as the international kickboxing, it is not limited to any fixed routine movements, but advocates in actual combat according to the free play, flexible display fist, foot, elbow, knee and fell down and other three-dimensional technology, with both long-term and short-term, comprehensive display, to knock down or opponent for the purpose of. The basic principle of "tell me, I will come for you own unique skills." The best summary of this expression is kickboxing boxing idea. Under this thinking, after decades of practice and learn from each other, free combat has formed perfect theory and tactics system as well as the contest rule. In fact, "freedom" can be used in boxing and leg techniques.

  Kickboxing no specific rules, almost all the international kickboxing bout with "restrict the free competition" approach, does not limit the contestant's qualification, similar to Thai rules of the game rules, the game both naked upper body (or a short sleeved shirt, vest), the next to wear pants, wearing gloves, foot wear protective gear (or don't wear), full contact fighting game


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