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Shaolin Kung fuTaekwondo (Tai Quan Dao)

  Taekwondo with legs, with the assistance of hands, mainly lies in the use of leg. Taekwondo attack method plays a dominant position is the leg, leg techniques about 3/4 in the overall application, because of leg length and strength is the most longest and biggest, followed by the hand. There are various techniques of the legs, can be high or low, near or far, left or right, straight can be bent, can turn to spin, the threat of force is great, is a effective method for practical capacity.

  Second is the way, the arm flexibility is good, can freely control the defensive and offensive action, but also can change as the fist, palm, elbow, shoulder a variety of usage, combat.

  In the contest rules outside of actual combat, some parts of human body can also be used as offensive weapons, or defensive shield, this is the essence of Taekwondo, the body such as the hand, elbow, knee, foot and other joints, is most commonly used in actual combat, the most effective strike weapons.

  No matter in the match or in actual combat, the attack method is very simple in Taekwondo and the effectiveness of the. Against both sides is in direct contact with the steel, rigid, with concise Hale direct hit each other, or boxing or leg, fast speed, many changes; defensive action is to direct the block, then is the continuous counter movement. The defense is rarely used dodge ball, just to pursue new challenges, hard hit, as much as possible to maintain or shorten the distance between the two sides, to increase the effectiveness of the hit, in the close fight to win the match or actual victory. Taekwondo theory thinks, after special training, joint part of people can have unbelievable power, especially the fist, elbow, knee and foot four parts, especially in the feet and hands. The long-term special practice taekwondo, can lead to internal and external integration degree, namely the internal and external to achieve a uniform peak. Unable to determine how much human body joint part of weapon power and potential in the end, only through the wood, brick and other objects hit test set practice skill level. Skill test is Taekwondo training level, qualifying examination, an important content of performances and competition, so as to show the power and the unique characteristics of taekwondo.

Boxing Free Combat (Ziyou Boji)

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