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Hun Yuan Yi Qi Gong

Shaolin Kung fu Qigong - Hun Yuan Yi Qi Gong

  Hun Yuan Yi qigong, one of the Shaolin Kung fu qigong.

  Hun yuan Yi Qigong is shaped air technology for a reactive power a. Yuan, original. The people that the yuan fine, Qi, soul. Hun yuan, Yuan Jing, Qi, Yuan three - one also. Pure essence, financing the blood gas, empty as god. One of the three, three, one in three. Practitioners to the prophet of this "three" hidden in the Hun yuan, Fang Ming cultivation theory, the practice of law based, have to practice. Because before this body first person does not have it, have it can be invisible structure, no matter biomass. Leave the body left the congenital essence of god. While losing body on physical fitness, prolong life, wisdom empowerment, is empty. Because the work is specialized practice of human production, living life really a gas works, so named for the Hun Yuan Yi qigong.

Breathe Qigong

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