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Breathe Qigong

Shaolin Kung fu Qi Ggong - Breathe Qigong

  Shaolin  Breathe Qigong, also known as the "breathing". One of Shaolin Kung fu qigong. The original is a kind of Qigong created for the monks, long strength strong physique. The movement is simple, can be practiced and the sick; and the effect is obvious, Qubing physical effects is very fast.

  Shaolin Breathe Qigong can treat a variety of lung diseases, such as sweating, night sweats, cough and asthma, shortness of breath, weakness and other diseases. Because lung can help heart, regulate the body's blood circulation, therefore, often practicing this skill but also can increase new function, improve the nervous, mental.
  Because smoking excessive cough with abundance of phlegm are practicing this skill, the effect is very obvious, practice three two days phlegm can significantly reduce, the pale, adhere to debate the symptoms will disappear.

  Hardbody practicing this skill should pay attention to "put", inspiratory when alvine, testis, anus, exhale to relax, such action, respiratory, nervous control with the contact, can be large power, long power jack.

Standing Qigong Hun Yuan Yi Qi Gong

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