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Hard Qi Gong

Shaolin Kung Fu - Hard Qi Gong 

  Hard Qigong, is through the special breathing methods and physical anti beat training, the exercise site pain tolerance and cell density strength has been further enhanced. Physical exercise increases the density, enhance the quality and pressure bearing capacity, the biological changes of cell strength through exercise. Human potential is tremendous, but the lack of method of developing and utilizing the right.

  Shaolin hard Qigong, one of the Shaolin Kung fu Qigong. King long history, is the Shaolin utility flower a esoteric years of martial arts.

  Shaolin hard Qigong is a static in traditional Shaolin skills based on the organic combination of skills skills and gradually develop external collapse, with martial arts combat martial arts for the purpose of the unique hard Qigong Kung fu. It is the trainer put their own inner gas through internal exercise regularity and combine human force exercise, make human body part or the whole organization is temporary change, thus showing a superhuman performance. In short, the Shaolin Kong hard Qigong is "good spirit, complex training bones" in the classical power law system.

  It exercises exercise, Shaolin hard Qigong on the gas, the organic combination of exercise, stress, which is based on the gas, with meaning as the commander, to force to strengthen, and resolutely abandoned by brute force trained to the so-called "Kung Fu" (such as practice, so much on class) for Master Wu family take in the martial arts world, praised it as "hard Qigong Shaolin martial arts highest."

Yi Jin Jing

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