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Shaolin Spear

 Shaolin Kung fu - Shaolin Spear(Shaolin Qiang)

  Shaolin Spear in Stick foundation, absorbing the essence, the various Spear together, a Spear based, and club, Spear blending, rigid flexible combination, unique style of Shaolin Spear. Because of the Shaolin Spear system is reasonable, practical method of preparing exquisite, Li Ming, valued martial arts person, quickly spread on both sides of the Changjiang River, on both sides of the Yellow River

  Shaolin spearplay there are eight female, six wonderful, Friday, sanqi.
  Shaolin spearplay eight: sealed, closed, the mother, away, stop, take, also, wrapped. The eight mother are the eight basic marksmanship in Shaolin marksmanship. Although the number of attack and defense category was changing, but cannot do without the eight female gun, the method which, it is called the. ?
  Six seconds: A, two, five, four, three arbitrary oblique, six straight. ? six wonderful is the six on the gun attack tactics and combat know-how, marksmanship with. Fifth: a circle, two string, three row, four, five bar pressure. ?
  The fifth is about subtle changes using the marksmanship, combat, it is called a variable. Three odd: a soft, flash, three earned two. Sanqi on tactics and techniques of rigid flexible gun attack in the concrete implementation strength, oblique flash skills you back the secret, it is known as the 

Five Tiger Spear

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