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Hand Type

 Shaolin Kung Fu basic hand type

  Hand type Shaolin Kung fu with a fist, palm, hook, etc., is the foundation of training exercises of Shaolin Kung fu, say "palm is a door, boxing meteor hammer, olecranon hook like"

  Boxing: four fingers close together volumes grip, the thumb on the index finger and middle finger second finger.

  Zhang: four fingers close together straight, bent thumb fastened to the user.

  Hook: five fingers first knuckle squeeze together, carpus.

Basic action:

  1 punch: two internal rotation move out, fist down, eyes front.

  2: by turning the palm before after both sides straight arm circle to head, finger relative, upright, with fingertip.

  3 hook two palms to both sides to the lateral raise position whereabouts variable hook, hook tip down, eyes front.

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