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  The world Kung fu out of Shaolin, people mention Chinese Kung Fu, will be called Shaolin, Shaolin Kung Fu has become the symbol of the Chinese martial arts. Shaolin Kung Fu is the historical formation of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan specific Buddhist culture environment, the kinnara King belief as the core, to the Shaolin Temple monks practice martial arts forms, and fully embodies the wisdom of the traditional Zen Buddhist culture system.

Shaolin Kungfu   Shaolin Kung Fu is a huge system, is not a general sense of "door-to-door" or "boxing". Chinese martial arts complex structure, there are many schools, but according to historical records, Shaolin Kung Fu is a long history, complete system, the highest technical level of martial arts genre of. According to the Shaolin Temple handed down from the past records, learning Shaolin Kung Fu has Big Hong Quan,Small Hong QuanDitang Quan,  Kong QuanArhat QuanTaizu Long QuanTongbi QuanDrunken Quan, pictographic Boxing (Tiger QuanMonkey Quan, etc.), equipment to the Knife,SwordStickSpear, ShovelWhip. Another seventy-two stunts, and SandaBoxingQigong and so on unique skills. These contents, according to the different categories and the degree of difficulty, organically combined into a large and orderly system. 

  Shaolin Kung Fu is the concrete manifestation of the human action of offensive and defensive combat as the core, take the repertoire is the basic unit of Wushu system. It is composed of a set of actions are combined, the combination of design and routine every movement, are built on a foundation of Chinese ancient human medical knowledge, according to the law of human motion. Moves and routines, pay attention to combination of static and dynamic balance of yin and Yang, cliffide flower, both God shaped, of which the most famous is "Liuhe" principle: the hands and feet, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, the heart and the parataxis, meaning and gas, gas and power together. In ancient China, the thought of "harmony" thought: the natural law, is the most reasonable. Shaolin Kung Fu is based on philosophy, constantly editing, innovation and development, formed the most with the body's natural movement of the structure, make human body potential has been highly play. After 1500 the development, Shaolin Kung Fu has become the human motion form optimization.

Shaolin Kungfu

  Shaolin Kung Fu show the profound cultural connotation is the wisdom of zen. Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner first performance for the Buddhist faith, faith and power of faith includes wisdom. The wisdom of faith god Shaolin Kung Fu Damour Zen Chuzu Bodhi, power of faith god kinnara king. The desire for the super powers, the extraordinary wisdom, is always the pursuit of the goal of buddhist. This is the fundamental reason of Shaolin Kung Fu is amazing martial arts, is also a Shaolin Kung Fu and other martial arts of the difference.

  Shaolin Kung Fu is the soul of Chan Buddhism wisdom religion. "Zen Wu one" is the mainstream thought of Shaolin Kung Fu, is the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu goals and ideals. 

  Shaolin Kung Fu history, can be traced directly to Shaolin Temple to create the. Northern Wei Tai, India monk Ba Tuo to China from the western regions, due to his mastery of Zen by Wei Emperor Xiaowen, Chongxin. Northern Wei Wo nineteen years (495), with the order of Emperor Xiaowen moved the capital to Luoyang. Ba Tuo "academic static perturbation", "sex", "the habitat repeatedly to Songyue", then, for Emperor Xiaowen of Ba Tuo Shaoshi mountain temple in Songshan, "the public to suit for the" the temple is located. Because in the northern jungle Shao Shi Mountain,  More......

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