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Shaolin Hard Qi Gong Class Information

Practice this course requires good health, no disease.

Training Content:

 Hard Qi Gong of Iron Skin   Iron Palm  Belly hit by heavy wood
 Lying on double-sided nail-bed  Staff hitting crotch  Sleeping on double-edged knives
 Body penetration by 5 spears  Fork knives on   Penetration of glass with one needle
 Breach brick with 2 fingers   Pushing a van with a spear against the throat  Iron head somersaults
 Stand on one's finger   Flying on the water  Spears onto throat
 Cutting vegetables on your belly   Stand on one's 1 finger  Fracture the stone table with head

Shaolin hard Qigong is a static in traditional Shaolin skills based on the organic combination of skills skills and gradually develop external collapse, with martial arts combat martial arts for the purpose of the unique hard Qigong Kung fu. It is the trainer put their own inner gas through internal exercise regularity and combine human force exercise, make human body part or the whole organization is temporary change, thus showing a superhuman performance. In short, the Shaolin Kong hard Qigong is "good spirit, complex training bones" in the classical power law system.

"Easy" is flexible, change, change out of Italy, "ribs" refers to the bones and muscles, fascia, "after" is a guide, code. "Yi Jin Jing" is to change the bones, internal systemic main and collateral channels opened by practicing Nishida Make. To achieve inner Zhuang, luck is not required to practice any Pai Da Gong can naturally produce a brick stone split the work power.

Charging Fee

The fees includes all training classes, the use of training equipment, full room (hotel-style shared double room) and board with 3 meals a day and optional classes Mandarin (according to the teacher’s schedule and not available every day). 

 Duration of Stay   Fee  
 One Month  7,500 RMB / month        shaolin kungfu Photo

Every room is equipped with internet access (or WIFI), air-conditioner, the independent bathroom, 12 hours hot water (from 8 pm to 8 am), double beds, wardrobes and other supporting facilities.

Note: After transferring your reservation payment please send us a copy (or receipt) of it, so we can verify the information and reserve place for you in time.

There is no refund for any fees paid. 

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