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One- year Shaolin Traditional Wushu training class

We have a great dream in which we hopes Shaolin Kungfu can be spread throughout the world. To this end, we has decided to pass on our knowledge to deserving Shaolin Wushu inheritors with good character. At the same time, we hopes to offer a founding platform for those who dream of the study of true martial arts.

In answer to the requirements and proposals of many foreigners who are interested in studying martial arts, we have developed a course specifically to train and prepare traditional martial arts coaches and instructors. The course will be one year and taught by personally. At the completion of the course it is expected that students will have mastered all Shaolin traditonal Kungfu and will become qualified Shaolin Kung Fu inheritors.

After graduation

1. Upon completion of the course, a Graduation Certificate of Shaolin Wushu will be issued for you by Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy China.

2. At the same time, with good moral character and high standards of Kung Fu students can apply to become authentic disciples of Shaolin Temple, helping to develop and spread Shaolin Wushu with our academy.

3. For students who want to open a training center after graduation, our academy can send coaches to offer technical guidance and support.

Charging Fee

The fees includes all training classes, the use of training equipment, full room (hotel-style shared double room) and board with 3 meals a day and optional classes Mandarin (According to the teacher’s schedule and not available every day). When you decide to participate please pay 40% in advance then pay for the other 60% ( after admission ) in Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Academy.

 Duration of Stay   Fee  
 One Year  71500 RMB / per year        shaolin kungfu Photo

Every room is equipped with internet access (or WIFI), air-conditioner, the independent bathroom, 12 hours hot water (from 8 pm to 8 am), double beds, wardrobes and other supporting facilities.

Note: There is no refund for any fees paid. The school can arrange for classes in the future in lieu of refund.

Training Arrangement

First month

Second month




Third month

Fourth month

Fifth month

Sixth month

Seventh month

Eighth month

Ninth month

Tenth month

Eleventh month

Twelfth month

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