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3D film "Shaolin Temple" started shooting


  Light industry press conference held yesterday in Beijing, announced a year in preparation for the new 3D "Shaolin Temple", plans next year to eight or nine months starting 2014, summer. The Shaolin Temple abbot Shi Yongxin and ray pictures President Wang Changtian attended the activity, Wang Changtian revealed the story prototype and 82 version of "Shaolin Temple", based on the "Thirteen stick to save monk Tang" legend, a corner and Jet Li was famous "Jue Yuan", intentionally by the new Dan gang.

Shaolin Kungfu
Shaolin Abbot a sword to Mr. Wang Changtian, congratulations to 3D "Shaolin Temple" start

The "multiple" 3D Technology

   "Shaolin Temple" of film and television works have dozens of, at the beginning of last year, released by Andy Lau, starring Nicholas Tse, "new Shaolin Temple" has made more than $200000000 at the box office well. Enlight President Wang Changtian said this is not "consumption," Shaolin Temple "the subject I want to do is four or five years ago, three years ago after I go to meet Master Shi Yongxin, more firmly the idea. Classical fear again, but we are not a remake, will dig new perspective on the construction of the script. The production, we can adopt "the Avengers" 3D technology to shoot, and invited the top Hollywood joined the team, modern correspondence technology as a perfect combination of traditional Shaolin Kungfu."

  According to Wang Changtian said, "Shaolin Temple" story prototype 3D based on Shaolin Temple the historical "Thirteen stick to save monk Tang" story, and the 82 version of "Shaolin Temple" on some of the characters and stories of historical writing something missing, give the creation also left a lot of space, "such as Li Shimin before has not appeared, the we can develop. I hope this story can convey the relationship, temple and the monks and the national social chaos, and the relationship between individual life and group destiny."

Going to ask the guest Jet Li

  As for the famous role "Jet Li road is long", said Wang Changtian has not been determined, but intends to invite people to assume the task of investigating, "if there is new, he should have a Kung Fu very good foundation, we will also consider non occupation actor martial arts professional, hoping to create a new Kung Fu star." Wang Changtian said, regardless of the final selected is what the actor, to be a very long time to live in Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Temple in the martial arts, to experience the monks lived.

  Wang Changtian in the conference also expressed the hope that Jet Li can play in the movie a role, "I think in the Zen corner suited him very well, but I haven't talked to him, so I can't make a decision for Mr. Jet Li."

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