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1 What is the weather like (天气如何)

2.What should I do in order to prepare for entering China?(来中国之前,签证)

3. How do we leave Shaolin Temple,is it possible to buy ticket there ?(如何离开,买票)

4.When is the best time to come train?(训练时间,一年四季)

5.Are there any banks or ATMs in Shaolin Temple?(银行和取款机)

6.I want to come to your academy to study kungfu,how do I pay my expenses?(支付费用)

7.What is the academy's food like?(学校食物如何)

8.I am vegetarian, is that a problem?(我是一名素食主义者)

9.Should I begin preparing myself physically for training before coming?(训练之前身体如何准备)

10. Do I get to choose what I study while at the academy?(在学校选择要学习的) 

11.I want to come with my wife, do you have a bedroom suitable for a couple?(和我的妻子一起)

12.What's the best way for me to get to Shaolin?(来校线路)

13.Can I have internet set up in my room?  Are there internet bars located nearby?(网吧)

14.What should I bring for clothes, shoes?(带什么衣服鞋子)

15.Should I get any vaccinations before coming?(之前打疫苗)

17.I was only provided a visa for a fraction of my intended stay at the school, can I extend my visa at the school?(延长签证)

18. Do I need to be able to speak Chinese? (我需要会将汉语吗)

19.Can I work at the school or elsewhere during my study in order to have extra spending money during my stay?   

20.What is the safest way to carry and exchange money?(携带换钱最安全的方法)

      —— For any other questions,please feel free to contact us.

1.What is the weather like (天气如何)

The Summer is generally pretty warm.  Spring and fall are mild and very comfortable.  The winter is generally about zero to two degrees.

All persons intending to enter The People's Republic of China from outside countries must first have a valid passport and a Chinese visa.  We can help you with obtaining your Chinese visa by providing you with an invitation letter to hand in with your visa application.  Any other circumstances or special needs for visa application can be communicated to our via e-mail.

Train and airplane ticket offices are available in Dengfeng City .We can easily arrange your return trip from here
Any time is great.  Each season has its benefits
Yes, Shaolin Temple is a World Cultural Heritage site and a famous scenic spot for tourists, so there are branches of the Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the Construction Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China and the Bank of China Post, all of which have ATMs, and most of which accept foreign cards.
Most foreign students transfer their money to our academy bank account after diciding what they want to study and how long they paln to stay . In our opinion, this the easiest ,safest and the most convenient option.In addition, you can use Visa and Mastercards to withdraw money here in Shaolin
Our full room and board service includes three warm meals a day (usually eat with our Chinese students). This goes throughout seven days a week and included in your tuition fee. The dishes vary every day and there are 3-4 different dishes a day which consists of rice or noodles and a a selection of vegetables, meat and/or eggs. Of course you can feel free to skip a meal; many students enjoy eating out during the weekends.
That's not a problem of vegetarian. Any special dietary concerns should be communicated to the Academy before arrival to better accommodate students.
There is no real need to prepare yourself physically before arrival.
Yes, you may select what programs you like from those offered and we will help you make an appropriate study plan
Yes, you can come with your wife. All of our students rooms are hotel-style, you can choose single rooms with king size beds or double room with two beds, with air conditioning and private rest room.
From Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong have to fly to Zhengzhou flights directly, is the most convenient. You can arrive in Zhengzhou from Beijing or Shanghai by train. We will be at the Zhengzhou airport or train station to meet you.
 Students who plan on bringing laptops can have internet set up in their rooms (note: this is not a service provided by the school, so all costs must be covered by students).  Also, there are many internet bars located conveniently in town that are very inexpensive (about 3 RMB per hour).
 Make sure to be mindful of the seasons.  In Summer, make sure to bring light, loose, comfortable fitting clothes.  For winter, bring heavier clothing that will keep you warm but will also permit movement.  Students are encouraged to wear low shoes during training.
 Most students that come to the school do not get vaccinations before coming.  This is up to your personal preference.
It is very easy to extend your visa here in town.  Non-citizens of China are allowed to stay in China for one year.  After one year, they are required to leave the country in order to apply for a new visa.  Most students who stay for more than one year simply travel to Hong Kong or other neighboring countries to do so.
No, You don't need to be able to speak Chinese.
There are no opportunities for work at the school and as Shaolin is located in a small city , there are no work opprtunities in city
Despite what travel books say, often times using traveller's checks can be inconvenient, difficult, and time consuming.  The Bank of China located in Shaolin only exchanges currency, not traveller's checks.  Traveller's checks can be exchanged in Zhengzhou, the nearby city.  Many students open bank accounts and then have their money wired to them from home.  Please be sure to be careful if travelling with large sums of money.  Travelling with large sums of money is not encouraged.  There are many ATM's in town that accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards.

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