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Actual Combat Class Information

You are welcome to commence training at any time

Training Content:

Shaolin traditional Kung Fu also has the actual combat the effect is very good, but to participate in competitive fighting game, also need to carry out targeted training, our school according to the actual situation of each student, formulates the reasonable training plan of science. Actual combat exercises of the students in our academy, every day can be and our college Chinese students and instructors to combat training, can be chosen to take part in various competitions.

Charging Fee

All the expenses cover tuition,room and 3 meals.

 Duration of Stay   Fee  
 One Month  7,000 RMB / month        shaolin kungfu Photo

Every room is equipped with high-speed internet access and air-conditioner . In addition, we offer free Mandarin and calligraphy classese

Note: please write an email with a picture of the receipt after transfer is sent to that we can verify the infofmation

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