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Shaolin Kung Fu enhance national identity function


Shaolin Kung Fu enhance national identity function

  Shaolin Kung Fu is closely related to the history of Shaolin Temple, 1500 years, the Shaolin Temple as the special status of Chinese Wushu shrines and the Chan Zongzu family, from the early Qing Dynasty (seventeenth Century), in the Qing ruling National Chinese background, Shaolin Kung Fu is given to minority political implications, as one symbol of spirit of Chinese folk. On the one hand with the Chinese nation to overseas immigrant scope unceasing expansion, on the other hand with the Shaolin Kung Fu has been the literature of romance and modern film and television media, Shaolin Kung Fu has gone from a temple housekeeping skills, development has become an effective way for global Chinese seeking and Qiang Huamin ethnic identity. Especially in the contemporary world integration, in the multi culture background, cultural exchanges have become increasingly frequent. Shaolin Kung Fu has become one of the most popular forms of the Chinese traditional culture. Especially since the nineteen eighties, along with the national policy of opening to the outside world and global multicultural era, Shaolin Temple to promote the dissemination of Shaolin culture, Zen one culture essence, in the world, the world tour concert, won the praise of the world. Footprints all over the world, people of all ethnic groups in the world to enrich the understanding and way of Chinese excellent traditional culture understanding, understanding each other, cultural diversity, played a positive role in maintaining peaceful international environment.

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