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Shaolin Kung Fu Unique aesthetic function


Shaolin Kung Fu Unique aesthetic function

  People unique always according to the law of beauty creation. Closely related to cultural background value orientation of aesthetic standards and the things. Shaolin Kung Fu inheritance is Zen, and Wu, therefore, its aesthetic function is the aesthetic concept of Zen is achieved through human motion mode.

  "The beauty of Zen enlightenment", advocating "color is empty", reveals the magic illusion that is really, there is no health; advocating "the financial heart of all things", "all consciousness", ecbolic "subjectivist aesthetics beauty is created by heart"; advocate "method is a", "foreign minister and to its according to work", "all in all" reveals the aesthetic essence and "inner and outer isomorphism", "things I Hyun will" aesthetic way; advocating "consciousness is the exit without", "environmental false knowledge really" gave birth to the actual interaction art environment theory "; advocate God I don't destroy", "fine fine shape, rough," feeding "type Chinese traditional aesthetics of aesthetics from God"; advocate "Prajna empty Chi" and "wait and see" light "epistemology, the so-called" no wisdom, not to see the true meaning "," Sacred Heart Xujing, as no I do not know, "the birth of the aesthetic epistemology" Xujing "theory:" to accept "," must consider far thinking "; advocate without thinking, intuitive present," we "see" feeling ", straight Qi, touched the intuitive feature esthetic grasp; advocating" no difference Chi "" the best understanding ", advocate the use of" non respectively "way to The object world, gave birth to the Chinese aesthetics is not divided, aesthetic style criticism fusion; advocating science circle, law circle beauty beauty and bright beauty, formed the aesthetics history taking roundness as beauty, bright rich wonders of beauty.

  Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the way of Buddhist meditation, also known as the "martial arts and zen". The aspirant for Wushu skills in physical exercise at the same time, in the heart meditation Shaolin Zen Center, so that the Shaolin Kung Fu rational understanding of Zen philosophy rising height. In order to Wu Wu, Wu Wu Zen to Zen card, maps, "insight" in Wushu practice, to "see", the martial arts, thoroughly understand the meaning of Buddhist wisdom, understanding life the universe really nature. So, practice Shaolin Kung Fu is the pursuit of a "fist accidentally, Italian unintentional, realm of the gods and inadvertently be true". Shaolin Kung Fu inheritance is the first Zen, so they practise Shaolin Kung Fu is the Zen aesthetic pursuit and experience of the process, is the main body of Zen aesthetics.

  Along with the technical and theoretical system is complete, also known as "Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Wu Yi". It consists of body up, down, in, retreat, flash, exhibition, Teng, Noah, channeling jump, jump, jump, roll, side, flutter,,,, and turned into action routines, become the most optimization of human motion. This is the process of experiencing Shaolin Kung Fu heritage of the people, also first meet the audience on human visual aesthetic needs. At the same time, the corresponding relation between Shaolin Kung Fu Zen ideas and action routines, from time to time to transfer its viewers Zen and abundant information, communication and it is also the aesthetics of Zen, Zen aesthetic object.

  The traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, is the Shaolin Temple ancient monks after 1500 years of creation and temper and become, is a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, is the essence of ancient Chinese aesthetics of human motion. It implicitly within just, solid and strong, "static like virgin, like a rabbit", shrouded in the solemn Buddhist culture, the unique aesthetic value can excite people's mind.

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