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Shaolin Kung Fu Social function


Shaolin Kung Fu Social function

  Shaolin Temple was founded in the northern and Southern Dynasties Buddhism development heyday. Because at that time the entire social environment in the frequent wars and turbulent situation, relatively free from state power edge religious temples, especially the royal temple, because it has its own independent legal system (the law) and rich assets, be gone the attack target. Founded in the Shaolin Temple is also difficult to escape. In order to ensure the property security and dignity to Buddhism, Chou monk led monk martial arts move, is the survival need and demand of buddhism. Furthermore, the Zen "by means of non-literature" direct experience and find one's true self practice martial arts and the oral teaching that inspires true understanding within the practice mode is the same, that is to say the localization process of Chinese Zen Buddhism accepted the Shaolin Kung Fu Shaolin Temple. Therefore, such a social environment that Shaolin Kung Fu double gene has the function of Wushu and Buddhist practices, which is rooted in the Shaolin Temple, and gradually become the effective way for Zen practice.

  Shaolin Kung Fu practitioners to justice, integrity, courage, integrity and patriotic people for the purpose, participated in a number of historical events, and make positive contribution to resolve social contradictions. Due to the dual function of Shaolin Kung Fu with martial arts combat and Zen practice, especially after the actual test, the different time people cognition for Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts skills by extending to the Buddhist "compassion is the basic doctrine, Purdue beings" cognitive. Shaolin Kung Fu has played the secularization of religion social function.

  After the history of development of one thousand 500 years, especially with the widely used firearms, Wushu from armed, Shaolin kung fu fighting function gradually reduced, the practice, health, aesthetic and promote the ethnic identity of social function has been further development, its connotation is more rich and complete.

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