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Shaolin Kung Fu Cultural Function


Shaolin Kung Fu Culture Function

  Shaolin Kung Fu is to enhance the effective way of Zen practice realm because of the Shaolin Kung Fu is a system of technical knowledge, which implies a set of strict learning mode, so, it is natural to be Shaolin Temple monks into the Buddhist meditation program. After becoming monks in Buddhist meditation means Shaolin Kung Fu, the monks will in turn to establish itself in Buddhism is no me teaching religious way of life and the pursuit of the spirit to have tremendous courage and wisdom into Shaolin Kung Fu, the content and quality of Shaolin Kung Fu to ascend. Shaolin Kung Fu in the pursuit of progress at the same time also pay attention to skills, mental discipline, Kung Fu is only a spiritual aspect, the Shaolin Temple monks found a shortcut through LianWu awareness of dharma. Shaolin Temple monks will this Prajna empty and carry out the spirit of the Shaolin kung fu training process, the Shaolin Kung Fu for the Zen Wu one "realm of a Chinese martial arts other genres of hard". This is ancient say "Zen Wu, the only proper course to take". Shaolin Kung Fu and therefore has a benefit to the realm of the human spirit, especially the cultural function of religious character. Shaolin Kung Fu "Zen Wu one" spirit will have a profound influence on Chinese Wushu and buddhism.

  Shaolin Kung Fu is a concrete manifestation of the ancient Chinese philosophy from a look at the content, Shaolin Kung Fu is a huge system structure, which includes an orderly cultural accumulation, historical experience rather than a simple random packing. First of all, Shaolin Kung Fu is the main routine as the basic unit, each of them is composed of more than a hundred, a few dozens of action and. Design of connection between the action, not only strictly follow the rules of human movement, but also made full use of the ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang theory with conflicting form generalizes the characteristics of things, to grasp the essence of things the generality of thinking mode. This mode of thinking contemplation to Shaolin Kung Fu spirit, internal and external, dynamic, flexible, and, opening and closing, landing, advance and retreat and defense etc.. Specific to the relationship between actions and routines, routines and techniques, they are not isolated, but mutual between have reference. The combination of static and dynamic, the balance of yin and Yang, cliffide flower, both God shaped has been practicing Shaolin Kung Fu Monks pursuit. On the surface, moves and routines are arranged in order according to the difficulty, is a ladder or mode of learning; to look deeper, it is the embodiment of the ancient Chinese thinking mode, is a unique form of expression of Chinese traditional culture.

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