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Shaolin Kung Fu Fitness regimen function


Shaolin Kung Fu  Fitness regimen function

  The Shaolin monks practicing Shaolin Kung Fu to the cultural function of fitness is the source power of the practice of continuous development and optimization. The Shaolin monks Zen belief with the "wall" and "meditation" as the main practice means to clean clutter free mind to fit the purpose of buddhism. Due to the long sitting cross legged, resulting in main and collateral channels blocked monks, imbalance of yin and Yang, spirit and body are very tired. The respect I lent people "Shaolin" said the secret:"...... In this temple, see acts from the day the, class are apathetic, muscles weak and tired, every statement such as sitting, then both the chaotic vibration not followers. So Damour division is also said: 'although Buddhism followers outside the body, but do not understand this, not the end of the soul and the body part. Is to see, must strengthen the body strong, cover the soul after easy to enlightenment. Fruit borrow as all students will have coma, a futon, Sandman namely invasion, is evidence attack, until the date? I now for the students to set up a daily physical operations, with the first rays of the morning sun, and learning, will the day and active power '. So is a practice method of its followers, around eighteen, but the hands." Although the scholars to Damour a Shaolin boxing generally hold negative attitude, but at least we from the records of monks long-term meditation practice effect of mental state and healthy way of life have a more objective understanding. The Shaolin monks in order to best achieve the goal of practice, good physical condition has become a necessary premise. The monk door according to their own needs, based on inheriting the traditional boxing, development and creation of Shaolin kung fu novel, in order to meet the basic survival needs of cultural space in Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Kung Fu as a technical system, specific performance of Wushu routine. It is composed of a set of action combination. Design and combination of routine in shaolin kung fu action, are built on a foundation of Chinese ancient human medical knowledge, according to the movement of the body. The most famous is the "Liuhe" theory: the hands and feet, elbows and knees, shoulders and hips, the heart and the parataxis, meaning and gas, gas and power together. In ancient China "harmony" thought, the most appropriate human nature structure of the action, is the most reasonable. Shaolin Kung Fu after inspection and long history, constantly editing, handed down by the routine, are the essence of human motion parts. It can cause the body potential into full play, is the most optimal fitness way. Shaolin Kung Fu system in the "muscle-bone strengthening exercise" is very famous Fitness Qigong practice.

Shaolin Kung Fu Cultural Function

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